Gambling Craze Hits Zimbabwe

In the past, gambling in Zimbabwe was limited to the state lottery, pink lotto, and horse betting. However, things have changed, and a gambling craze hits Zimbabwe. At present, the gambling industry is booming in the country. You’ll find casinos, sports betting...

Danish Internet Gambling Rates Drop during Pandemic

Danish internet gambling rates dropped during the government-imposed lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the country. The Gaming Authority compared the data from March 9 to May 2020 form the same period last year. During the period, online casino revenue...

Online Gambling Market to Reach $100 Billion by 2026

In 2019, the online gambling market was around $50 billion. Experts estimated that it could double its value to $100 billion by 2026. The estimated CAGR for the online gambling sector is about ten percent from 2020 to 2026. Global internet betting involves gambling on...

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Latest Gambling News

US Gambling is Down but Not Out

US Gambling is Down but Not Out

As people stay at home to avoid getting the coronavirus, it looks like the cards are stacked against casinos and the gambling industry. Although US gambling is down, industry observers are optimistic the industry will have a strong comeback after the pandemic. 2020...

Coronavirus Shutdown a Boon for Online Gambling

Coronavirus Shutdown a Boon for Online Gambling

The coronavirus outbreak led to the cancellation of most events in the world. As a result, people turn to the internet for their daily entertainment. Along with video dating and playing video games, there will be an increase in online gambling during the coronavirus...

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