Culinary workers in Las Vegas wish for safer working conditions and better pay. After several months of negotiating, Las Vegas casino workers will strike five days before the Formula One Grand Prix.

Several casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, where the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix will be held in two weeks, are facing the possibility of disruption due to a labor dispute. A strike has yet to begin. However, the Culinary Workers Union’s nearly 35,000 members have endorsed the motion if they failed to come up with a compromise.

That is only five days away from the weekend of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. According to bookie pay per head reports, the union’s members work as wait staff, chefs, and bartenders at the casinos surrounding the track. Also, they could interrupt the on-track activity if they went on strike.

Las Vegas Casino Workers to Go on Strike

Las Vegas Casino Workers Get Green Light for Potential Strike Days Before F1 GPThe union’s lead negotiator urges Grand Prix ticket buyers to support striking workers. He is urging Formula One fans not to cross the picket lines in Las Vegas.

According to Forbes, 30,000 people are expected to travel to Las Vegas for the Grand Prix. A strike would affect weekend food services, even if some cross picket lines.

The union, however, has expressed the hope that a strike may be avoided. Since April, they have been in contract discussions with three different casino firms. Also, they settled on a November 10 deadline after several months of negotiating. Las Vegas casino workers will strike five days before the Formula One Grand Prix. The strike would affect at least eighteen Las Vegas hotels and casinos. They include the Bellagio, Excalibur, MGM Grand, Planet Hollywood, and the Aria.

According to sports betting software experts, the union is trying to negotiate the most extensive salary hikes ever negotiated in its entire existence. However, it has requirements that go beyond monetary compensation. Those in the hospitality industry also bargain for increased benefits and safer working conditions.

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