is always looking for ways to help our clients get the most out of their money. One of our latest gambling software features is the Player Prop Bet Builder Software and Platform.

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Through our prop builder tool, players can create unique prop bets using real-time odds calculations.

The innovative tool takes betting among friends to a whole new level.


Also, it gives them more betting options on a single game.


The prop bet builder platform allows players to create hundreds of additional wagering options on one game.

The more betting options available, the more wagers the sportsbook can accept.

That’s why we recommend having a prop bet builder for your bookie business.

The Player Prop Builder is part of our discounted gambling software platform. It uses the latest technology to ensure it is compatible with your sportsbook platform. It makes prop bet building easy using modern algorithms to calculate the odds.

Let Players Create Bets with Prop Builder Tool

The best thing about our player prop builder is that it comes with our sportsbook PPH services. That means you only pay $5 per player, and you have access to all the bookie pay per head services and features, including the prop bet builder.