One of the best ways to start an online bookie business is with a sportsbook pay per head service. You just need to sign up for an account and you’ll have a functioning sports betting platform in no time.

By using PPH solution, you’ll get a modern sports betting platform that meets all the demands of an online sportsbook. Your players gain access to sports betting, casino games, horse racing, and more.

Have we mentioned that we offer discounted price on our PPH service? You pay only $5 for every active player each week.

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Sportsbook Pay Per Head

Why Use a Sportsbook Pay Per Head?

When you choose our sportsbook pay per head services, you’ll immediately gain an advantage over your competitors. We offer high-quality sports betting solution at a discounted price. That means you have fewer overhead expenses in running your bookie business. 

As a result, you have better revenue opportunities with our system.

Also, your players will have access to a user-friendly interface. We based our platform on the DGS software that uses new sports betting technologies to bring updated lines all the time. Also, the system can monitor all your wagers and winnings for faster payouts.

Features of Our Sportsbook PPH Solution

  • Mobile compatibility
  • Wide range of betting options
  • Real-time line feed
  • In-game live betting
  • e-wallet system
  • Player prop builder tool

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