Alabama and Mississippi have been discussing the legalization of sports betting for months. Both states depend on conference committees to advance their sports wagering bills. In addition, they aim to find common ground and bipartisan support for bills.

In Mississippi, lawmakers are focusing on the promising future of online sports betting. On the other hand, Alabama lawmakers are working on legalizing sports betting, casinos, and lotteries. This could open new opportunities for individuals to become a gambling operator in the state, fostering economic growth and job creation.

Lawmakers form a conference committee when one legislative body amends a measure and the other body disagrees. Thus, the House and Senate work together democratically to create laws through collective decision-making and consensus.

Alabama and Mississippi Sports Betting Bills

Alabama and Mississippi Sports Betting Depends on Conference CommitteesAfter that, the conference committee reports are brought before both houses for another round of voting. With a vote of 97-14 in February, the Mississippi House of Representatives passed Rep. Casey Eure’s (HB 774) Mississippi Mobile Sports Wagering Act. Bookie PPH reports claim the omission of sports betting from the newly adopted measure was to facilitate its passage in the Senate.

Alabama’s House passed a bill in February legalizing sports betting, casinos, and a state lottery. The House passed House Bill 151 and House Bill 152 to legalize a state lottery for Alabama education and sports betting.

According to bookie pay per head sources, sports betting in the state was swiftly shattered by a Senate committee, despite the permission. Afterwards, the Senate Tourism Committee decided to completely remove sports betting from the gaming packages. This left three tribal casinos, a state lottery, and parimutuel wagering at seven state tracks.