The Nevada Gaming Control Board website is the latest victim of a cyber-attack in the US gambling industry. According to sportsbook PPH reports, the NGCB’s website was inaccessible for several days due to a cyber-attack. Fortunately, the breach did not result in the loss of sensitive data.

The NGCB states that the website contains agendas for agency meetings, news announcements, public data, contact information, gaming rules, and biographies of commission and board members. The cyber intrusion did not affect the state agency system that stores all financial information and details of casino licenses.

During its monthly meeting, the Nevada Gaming Commission did not mention or discuss the event. According to pay per head bookie sources, the NGCB is developing a temporary website and plans to launch it shortly.

Nevada Gaming Control Board Website Breach

Hackers Attack Nevada Gaming Control Board WebsiteThis most recent development follows a slew of cyberattacks that occurred last year. Caesars Entertainment’s loyalty program users had personal information stolen in a cyberattack last August. The malware that hit an IT support partner compromised customers’ private information from Caesars’ loyalty program database. Caesars paid hackers a ransom before they reported the cyberattack to the public. Bloomberg reports that the hotel and casino operator paid hackers up to $30 million.

The FBI has identified a North Korean hacking gang as Lazarus Group. In September, they stole $41.3 million worth of cryptocurrencies from, an online casino and betting service.

According to Discount Pay Per Head sources, at least five lawsuits have been filed in US courts in response to the hacking of both Caesars. The companies failed to protect their customers’ private and financial information.

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