Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins pledged to cover the cameraman’s salary after the NFL removed the latter’s sideline access. The decision came after Hill borrowed Kevin Fitzgibbons’ phone during the former’s costly touchdown celebration.

According to NFL news reports, the NFL revoked Fitzgibbons’ game-day media credential for the rest of the season. Fitzgibbon is currently a student at the University of Miami.

In the Oct. 15 Dolphins thrashing of the Carolina Panthers, Hill recorded himself attempting a backflip with Fitzgibbons’ phone. Miami received a 15-yard penalty because Hill used a prop during his celebration.

Costly Touchdown Celebration

Dolphins Tyreek Hill to Pay Cameraman’s Salary After Costly Touchdown CelebrationWhen Fitzgibbons—who goes by the handle “KFitz” on social media—shared a video on X (the old Twitter) on Tuesday, detailing how he felt a once-in-a-lifetime experience had turned sour, he received a lot of backlash. His excitement at Hill’s phone use led Fitzgibbons to announce a season-long suspension, possibly a permanent one. The NFLUK account on X briefly shared the video. However, they deleted it. In addition, Fitzgibbon sent the clip to the NFL immediately.

According to sports betting software experts, Hill and Fitzgibbons became friends through their shared interest in content production before the 2022 season when the former was dealt to Miami by the former Kansas City Chiefs.

On Friday, Hill’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, praised Fitzgibbons’s handling of the incident. He had not yet talked to the athlete about it. According to bookie PPH reports, Rosenhaus hired Fitzgibbons as a freelancer. In addition, Hill is doing everything he can to assist the content creator, for which Rosenhaus expressed his gratitude. Also, he called the celebration one of the season’s finest moments.

The league reprimanded him regardless of his knowledge of the celebration. Hill claimed Fitzgibbons did not want him to use the phone. In addition, he knew he should not have been dancing and celebrating with Hill.