The government imposed stricter Swedish online gambling limits for the remainder of the coronavirus pandemic. The new restrictions limit the amount spent on online casinos. Under the new rules, gamblers can deposit up to 5,000 Swedish kronor or around $500 a week. Also, the regulator will implement loss limits.

Government officials are concerned about the increase in online gambling during the lockdowns. Sweden is not the only European country to limit online gaming since the start of the pandemic. The Latvian government banned online casinos from operating within its border. Belgium and Spain implemented new limits on online gambling.

The limits are not just on deposits and losses. The government is limiting bonuses to around $10. Also, players need to set time limits before starting a session. Regulators are taking more steps in blocking unlicensed offshore sites.

Stricter Swedish Online Gambling Limits

Stricter Swedish Online Gambling Limits During PandemicBased on pay per head reports, the new limit lighter than what Sweden was considering to take. Government officials were evaluating options earlier this month that included the temporary shutdown of online casinos.

Also, Sweden wanted to take extraordinary measures against online casino operators that didn’t protect their players against problem gambling during the coronavirus outbreak. According to sports betting software platform providers, the limits will only drive Swedish players to offshore sites.

The Swedish government wants to direct 90 percent of the online gambling traffic towards licensed websites. However, the actual number is around 75 percent. By implementing new limits to licensed sites, people might go to illegal sites with no restrictions during lockdowns.

Also, the harsh measures don’t reflect the tone of the country’s response to the coronavirus. Sweden has modest social distancing efforts. According to Discount Pay Per Head sources, there are 16,000 confirmed cases in Sweden. Also, there are already 1,937 deaths from COVID-19. That’s around 19 deaths for every 100,000 people in Sweden.


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