Now is the best time to become a bookie as the Spanish online gambling revenue improves in the first quarter of the year. All gaming sectors show significant year-over-year improvements. That was according to the report released by the country’s Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego.

The Spanish regulator showed that locally licensed online operators earned revenue of almost €218 million in the first three months of 2020. It was up 12.5 percent from the first quarter of 2019. Also, it was up 17.6 percent from the last quarter of last year.

Sports betting remained the top earner with revenue of €110.6 million in the first quarter. It was up 8.6 percent year-on-year. Also, it was almost 25 percent higher than in the last quarter of 2019. In-play revenue went up 4 percent to €61.3 million despite an 18.5 percent decrease in turnover year-over-year. Pre-game betting was also the same, with a 13.1 percent increase in revenue despite a 10 percent drop in turnover.

Spanish Online Gambling Revenue Improves

Spanish Online Gambling Revenue Improves, Thanks to Sports and SlotsBased on pay per head reports, casino revenue increased by 8.3 percent year-over-year to €77.6 million. The improvement was mainly due to the growth of slows, live roulette, and traditional roulette.

On the other hand, baccarat dropped by almost 80 percent to €614,000. Also, Black Jack suffered a drop by 17.1 percent to €5.3 million, according to a bookie pay per head demo provider. Online poker continues to be a top earner with a 13.1 percent increase year-over-year to €24.2 million. Online tournament fees and cash games got substantial year-over-year increases.

Gambling operators spent €118.2 million on marketing in the first three months of the year. Their marketing budget went up 28.3 percent from the first quarter of 2019. Advertising expenditures went up to €60 million. Also, bonus offers went up 46 percent to €42.4 million.


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