2020 is a year of changes. Most of the changes altered everyday lives, as seen in what people search online. Also, the coronavirus lockdown has an impact on online gambling worldwide. As most people stay inside their homes, they do all the stuff they love using the internet, including gambling.

The gambling sector is one of the most resilient industries during the pandemic. The industry adapted and changed according to the new normal. According to sportsbook pay per head services reports, searches for sports betting decreased by 57 percent. However, researchers assumed that the search volume’s reduction was because there were no live sports to wager on.

On the other hand, searches for casinos increased by 76 percent. Sports betting and playing casino games offer similar experiences for players. Thus, it makes sense that the lack of sports betting expanded casino gambling.

Impact on Online Gambling Worldwide

Lockdown Impact on Online Gambling WorldwideOnline casino operators made sure that they are ready for the surge in new players. They prepared by using the best sports betting software. Also, they offered promotions and welcome bonuses.

Sportsbook pay per head services included online casinos. Thus, sportsbook operators don’t need a separate platform to offer casino games on their website. The good news is that their existing players can use their accounts to access casino games as well.

When sports were out of commission due to the lockdowns, the eSports scene experienced rapid growth. Many people turned to Twitch to watch gamers play games online. In May 2020, hours spent on the video streaming platform was 12.72 billion worldwide.

To prepare for the new normal, sports betting websites need to adapt to the changes. They should ensure that the PPH provider offers an online casino platform along with the sports betting solutions.