HotBox joins Arena sportsbook through its partnership with OpenBet. The former is a mobile Football Squares pool product. As a result, US sports fans gain access to that type of sports betting type.

HotBox also has an interactive marketplace that allows players to sell, buy, bid, and trade on squares both before the game and in-play. As a result, they are pleased to have the opportunity to sign with OpenBet. Also, it allows them to reach a broader audience.

According to sportsbook pay per head sources, the company is excited about the online gaming and sports betting communities to experience the first, and only weekly squares pool available on mobile. Also, they believe that their innovative product will bring another way for players to interact with each other.

HotBox Joins Arena Sportsbook

HotBox Joins Arena Sportsbook with OpenBet DealThe Arena sportsbook content platform has a marketplace that provides operators access to products from various third-party providers. Also, it improves operators’ offering via a single platform.

People who want to open a sportsbook can use the Arena marketplace to see what products they can integrate into the sports betting platform. Also, Football Squares will bring new customers to the Arena sportsbook marketplace.

Having HotBox improves the Arena platform. Also, the brand offers unique solutions that let people apply their skills of hedging and trading to Football Squares pools. Adding HotBox products in Arena will increase the latter’s appeal to sportsbook operators across the globe.

OpenBet has improved its business to provide more innovative products to sports betting software operators. Also, the company recently opened a Florida hub. It allows the company to offer Managed Trading Service across North America and other markets.

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