The NFL has a rule that penalizes a team if one of their players fumbles the ball in the end zone and it goes out of bounds. Fans, players, and coaches describe it was the NFL’s worst rule. Also, many online gambling experts believe that it does not make any sense.

In the last minute of the first half of Thursday night’s game, the NFL’s worst rule reared its ugly head once again. Star receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, Justin Jefferson, made a fantastic catch against the Philadelphia Eagles. However, he advanced and the Eagles forced a fumble. He was only doing a routine football maneuver.

The Vikings would have taken possession if the ball had been deemed to have gone out of bounds at the half-yard line. However, a closer look at the film revealed that Jefferson’s fumble had crossed the goal line. The implication was clear to everyone.

NFL’s Worst Rule

Vikings Justin Jefferson Falls Victim to NFL's Worst RuleYes, that extra half-yard means the fumble occurred inside the end zone. The Vikings lost possession of the ball after it was fumbled beyond the end zone, giving the Eagles a first down at the Vikings’ 20.

According to the best sports betting software provider, fumbling the ball out of bounds in the end zone and receiving a severe penalty seems excessive. A half-yard made all the difference in a game-changing play. Jefferson did not exactly commit a heinous crime. The Vikings’ bad luck did not begin until the ball was knocked free from his hands.

As if it were not bad enough, with no time left in the half, the Eagles kicked a field goal after breaking a massive run while trying to run out the clock. Despite Jefferson’s impressive grab, the Vikings could not score and ended the first half down 13-7. According to sports news reports, the final score of 34–28 favored the Eagles.

The NFL had a rule for it since there needed to be a decision when a circumstance arose. They decided long ago that if possession changed, the game would restart with a touchback. No one sees that as a just approach to regulating performance. However, the NFL shows no signs of wanting to alter the policy.

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