The UFC and the US Anti-Doping Agency will end their partnership due to a disagreement. At the center of it is Conor McGregor. Also, the McGregor dispute started when the UFC fighter wanted to return to the octagon.

According to sportsbook marketing experts, the 35-year-old returned to the testing pool earlier this month as the announcement from the USADA on Wednesday. Still, he may not be allowed to stay for the required minimum of six months. Also, the UFC told the USADA that they will end its association with the agency at the end of the year.

UFC president Dana White and McGregor confirmed last week that they had completed the necessary papers to USADA. According to Interactive Sports News reports, McGregor announced his re-entry to the testing pool on X (previously Twitter).

McGregor Dispute with the Anti-Doping Agency

UFC and US Anti-Doping Agency End Partnership After McGregor DisputeThe Irishman would need at least six months of training in the pool. Also, the USADA requires two negative tests before he can compete. Since 2015, USADA has been the UFC’s anti-doping partner. Also, the agency performed more than 27,000 tests since then.

According to sports news reports, USADA CEO Travis Tygart recently discussed USADA’s partnership with the UFC. One UFC pundit said that USADA should not monitor the UFC program since we stood fast on the six-month restriction surrounding McGregor. UFC fighters cannot use performance-enhancing drugs for recovery or return without proper medical justification.

McGregor has a 22-6 record in the UFC. His most recent victory came in January 2020 against Donald Cerrone. Also, Poirier has beaten him twice since then. McGregor has been rumored to battle American Michael Chandler when he makes his octagon comeback in 2019.

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