South Korea’s under-24 soccer team is preparing for the most significant match of its career. Aside from the Asian Games soccer final gold medal, members’ military exemption is on the line.

For the second consecutive Asian Games, the two adversaries have met in the championship game. This time, the games are being held a year later than initially planned in Hangzhou because of China’s severe pandemic lockdown regulations in 2022.

South Korean legislation states that all able-bodied males must begin their 18-to-21-month military duty by the time they are 28, but that any man who wins a gold medal at the Asian Games is exempt from this requirement. A few medals at the Olympics will do, too.

Asian Games Soccer Final

South Korea to Face Japan in Asian Games Soccer FinalAccording to per head sportsbook reports, Son Heung-min led his side to gold in the 2018 Asian Games. They defeated Japan in the final, allowing him to remain with Tottenham Hotspur for another year.

Lee Kang-in is the main character this time around. The midfielder, who joined PSG in the summer, has since relocated to China. The 22-year-old came late due to an injury and has been given little playing time by coach Hwang.

Lee, the team’s main source of inspiration, will start for them in the 2023 Asian Games final. The 2018 final between South Korea and Japan ended in a 2-1 shootout victory for the former.

However, Japanese soccer has now risen to prominence. Japan’s most recent senior-level matches against South Korea were 3-0 victories for Japan. The final of the Asian U-17 Cup between the two countries ended with the same score, citing head sportsbook sources.

The latest remarkable results occurred in October when Japan defeated Germany 4-1. However, under new head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, South Korea has struggled. They only had one victory in six attempts.

Although it is already the finals of the soccer event at the Asian games, there is still plenty of soccer action worldwide. Soccer games do not stop across the globe. Thus, you can open an online soccer sportsbook today and reap the rewards in the long run.

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