The eSports division of sports organization Paris Saint-Germain announced that it will be venturing into the Dota 2 scene. PSG partnered with Quest eSports to form the team PSG Quest. Also, the squad will debut at The International.

After PSG and LGD Gaming ended their naming rights arrangement, PSG entered a deal with Quest eSports. The Chinese group and PSG entered a collaboration in 2018. However, they have since announced that they would not renew the agreement.

Quest Gaming, a Qatari outfit best known for its Dota 2 squad, has replaced PSG as the French club’s new partner. According to sports betting bookie software reports, Quest eSports is active in the grassroots eSports sector in Qatar. Also, it runs Dota and PUBG Mobile teams. The group also provides content creation and esports education. Also, its database of influencers is extensive. Qatar and Turkey are home to Quest eSports’ respective HQs.

PSG Partnered with Quest eSports

PSG Partnered with Quest eSports to Form PSG QuestSportsbook PPH solution experts say PSG significantly supports the Qatar Football Association and other government programs. PSG also has alliances with companies like Amazon, Shelter Group, and Dell.

Beyond the realm of esports, PSG has strong links to the country of Qatar. The football team was bought in 2011 by Qatar Sports Investments, a state-backed fund.

Despite the lack of information on the deal with Quest Gaming, PSG will likely follow a strategy like its prior endeavors. PSG provides the team’s branding and financial backing. On the other hand, Quest Gaming runs the team’s esports-related activities. People who bet on eSports claim that PSG has partnerships with Talon eSports and Tundra eSports.

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