Load management has become a massive problem in the National Basketball Association. However, the new NBA rest policy ignored basketball’s most significant problem.

On Wednesday, the league’s board of governors approved new rules that prevent the exploitation of load management for the upcoming season. During the subsequent broadcasting rights negotiations, the Player Participation Policy would give the NBA an advantage.

According to basketball news reports, the NBA’s PPP aims to reduce the number of games that prominent players sit out. Load management disappointed fans and the league alike. Thus, a player who has made an All-Star team or been named to an All-NBA squad in any of the previous three seasons is considered a “star” by the NBA.

New NBA Rest Policy

New NBA Rest Policy Ignores Sport's Biggest ProblemAccording to sports news reports, all eligible stars must participate in the new In-Season Tournament and all nationally televised games. Resting several stars in a single match is no longer acceptable. Also, the league does not allow a star to rest on the road, where the fan base can only see the star play once.

Healthy, rested players will be expected to sit with the squad and be visible to the audience. As part of a tanking attempt that led to Scoot Henderson last year, the Trail Blazers rest Damian Lillard for the previous ten games. If he decides to stay away from the Blazers during his trade request, they cannot do the same thing this year. The league will consider it as affecting the integrity of the game.

Any infraction of these new regulations will result in a fine of $100,000 the first time it occurs. A second offense will result in a fine of $250,000. Also, a third offense will have a $1.25 million fine. Lastly, subsequent infractions will have a $1 million fine.

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