The most valuable sports teams in the world retained their value during the pandemic. The Dallas Cowboys maintained the top spot with a value of $5.5 billion. It has been in the top position for five straight years.

In second place is the New York Yankees with $5 billion. Aside from teams from the NFL, squads from other leagues also held value during the coronavirus outbreak. There’s no discount for people who are interested in buying any of the top sports teams.

New York Knicks remained in the third position even if it is not winning in the NBA. The fourth-place belongs to the LA Lakers. Rounding the top five is the Golden State Warriors. The cutoff for the top 50 teams is $2.2 billion, which is up to $125 million from last year.

Most Valuable Sports Teams

Most Valuable Sports Teams Keep Value during PandemicBased on pay per head sportsbook software reports, the increase in the value was due to more owner-friendly CBAs that decreased player expenses. Also, teams got better media rights deals. Out of the 50 teams, 27 teams come from the NFL. It is not a surprise considering football games were the most-watched sports events in 2019.

Based on gambling software solutions sources, 88 of the 100 most-watched broadcasts last year were sports events. Also, 73 were NFL games. The top 50 teams earned an average of $100 million from broadcasts.

The value of the sports teams is based on Forbes’ valuation for the last 14 months. Some factors include the enterprise value of the teams. No teams came from NASCAR, Formula One, MLS, and NHL.

The highest-ranking team outside the NFL, MLB, European soccer, and the NBA is the New York Rangers of the NHL. It is in 70th place with a value of $1.65 billion.

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