Seven-time F1 champ Lewis Hamilton was uneasy about Formula One’s return to Saudi Arabia. The Mercedes Driver participated in the official FIA press conference last Thursday.

A reporter asked the drivers what they thought about returning to Jeddah after last year’s race coincided with a missile strike on an oil refinery. Hamilton said he had nothing to add to what the other drivers said. However, he said his thoughts are the opposite of what other drivers have said.

Hamilton was the last to answer the question. Sergio Perez said he was happy to be back in Jeddah. On the other hand, Lance Stroll and Esteban Ocon said they trust that organizers placed safety measures for such events. Kevin Magnussen said that the ceasefire between parties gives some confidence.

Lewis Hamilton Uncomfortable with Saudi Arabia GP

Lewis Hamilton Uncomfortable with F1 Return to Saudi ArabiaWhen pushed to expound on his statements, Hamilton conceded they were “open to interpretation.”

On Friday, the human rights organization Reprieve stated that F1 “has never genuinely engaged with human rights.” Yet, according to bookie pay per head sources, there have been at least 13 executions in Saudi Arabia in the previous two weeks.

Last year, Saudi Arabia murdered 81 prisoners in one day, including seven Yemenis and one Syrian, for terrorism and other charges, including harboring “deviant beliefs,” officials claimed, in the worst mass execution in decades.

The amount exceeded the 67 executions announced in the kingdom in 2021 and the 27 in 2020. Critics have lambasted the monarchy for “sportswashing,” an endeavor to polish one’s status via athletics.

Meanwhile, Hamilton claimed he was “looking forward to driving the car” in Jeddah. According to bookie pay per head service specialists, the Mercedes driver looks forward to the task ahead.

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