Many bookies are content to achieve an average click-through rate. However, this guide will help you get more clicks from sportsbook ads. That way, you’ll get more value out of your marketing budget.

In general, the click-through rate is the ratio of clicks to impressions. As a result, when your ad shows on the SERP in Google Ads, it receives an impression, and when someone views it and clicks on it, it gets a click. Therefore, CTR is the proportion of viewers that click through to your advertisement’s destination after seeing it, whether it is a pay per head sportsbook landing page or the registration page.

The click-through rate is a challenging PPC measure since you have to pay for each click even when a high click-through rate raises your Quality Score. So let’s examine this more closely.

More Clicks from Sportsbook Ads

How to Get More Clicks from Sportsbook AdsA high click-through rate on Google Ads is beneficial since it shows that your audience finds your ad content compelling.

However, there is a more profound advantage to how Google Ads operates. The Google Ads algorithm rewards higher-quality advertising with better rankings and reduced click costs. Why? Google favors the sportsbook software ads with the highest chances of success since it doesn’t generate money if no one clicks on its advertising.

Considering your prior results with that term, Google assesses the ad’s success, regardless of location and other variables, as expected CTR.

According to Google, the projected CTR for any keyword might be average, above average, or below normal.

Therefore, the greater your CTR, predicted CTR, and Quality Score, the better. Better Ad Rank is a result of a higher Quality Score. Higher-ranking ads receive more clicks at a cheaper cost. Your cost per action will decrease the lower your cost per click.

Because this is pay-per-click advertising, remember that not every click on your ad will result in a conversion. Therefore, if your conversion rate is poor, having a high click-through rate is undesirable since it means you’re paying for clicks that won’t increase your revenue.

That concludes our sportsbook marketing tutorial on click-through rates. You need to understand it after learning how to open a sportsbook. That way, you can attract more players to your betting platform.