Coach Deion Sanders has been in the spotlight since taking over the University of Colorado position. However, he is now in the news for the wrong reason. Some players are in limbo after Coach Prime told them the team no longer needs them. It was the result of a flawed NCAA waiver process.

Maddox Kopp played a secondary role in Colorado’s move for Coach Prime. So that Sanders could make place for his “Louis,” Kopp and most of his teammates were essentially told to transfer.

Kopp, meanwhile, has become the newest waiver fighter in a different type of difficult shift after moving to Miami (Ohio).

Flawed NCAA Waiver Process

Flawed NCAA Waiver Process Leaves Colorado Players in LimboAccording to sports betting bookie software experts, the NCAA denied Kopp’s waiver request to move to the RedHawks with immediate eligibility. In 2021, he walked on as a three-star prospect for Houston. In January of 2022, Kopp made the move to Colorado University.

Kopp passed for 123 yards as Colorado’s fourth starting quarterback in last year’s 1-11 collapse, which included a 63-21 loss to Utah. Then the NCAA had him wait a year before playing for Miami, and his whole life turned upside down.

According to bookie pay per head sources, the quarterback, his family, and their lawyer, Jason Montgomery, asked for a waiver due to the “totality of circumstances”. They included the quarterback’s learning problems and “public and private remarks made by the head coach.”

The NCAA’s stricter waiver policies for second transfers this past January added extra complexity to the process. Athletes have been able to switch schools once without repeating a season under NCAA regulations since August 2021, and that academically focused “year in residence” for transferring students had been in effect since 1964.

Athletes who decide to move schools twice throughout their undergraduate careers are at issue here. The NCAA has tightened up on the conditions under which they would give exemptions enabling athletes early field time. To rephrase, “extraordinary circumstances” necessitate a player’s “quick exit” yet are beyond his control. No longer could “lack of playing time” or “academic preferences” be used to justify a second waiver under the new interpretation.

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