Cristiano Ronaldo hits his first league goal for Al Nassr in his first month as a player in the Saudi Pro League. According to the sportsbook pay per head sources, Rolando is known to be one of soccer’s most prolific goal scorers.

Although it took him longer than expected, it is pure happiness that he has made his first league goal. Al Nassr was awarded the penalty during the injury time. Also, Ronaldo stepped up. He scored via a last-minute penalty to secure a 2-2 draw for Al Nassr. It was his third appearance on the Saudi Arabian side.

Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Pro League

Cristiano Ronaldo Hits First League Goal for Al Nassr in Saudi Pro LeagueCristiano Ronaldo is a household name in soccer and has proven himself and earned his superstar status for the love of the game. As a result, the Portuguese superstar is one of the most sought-after players for Pay Per Head Bookie enthusiasts.

Al Nassr is one of the clubs that are part of the Saudi Arabia Pro League. The club officially unveiled Ronaldo to play for their team sometime last month. The 37-year-old player will earn an estimated $200 million a year. He has signed a 2-and-a-half-year deal.

Currently, Al Nassr is leading the league this season. It is tied in second place with Al Shabab. However, it still has a game in hand. The club will have its next match away at Al Wedha on Thursday.

Striking a Last-Minute Penalty

The five-time Balloon D’Or winner, Ronaldo, has stepped up to convert his first goal on this third appearance in the league. However, he missed a significant change earlier in the game. So it is when he sends the ball high from just outside the six-foot-yard box.

Furthermore, he has an effort ruled out for offside in the first and a half and hit the woodwork as per the enthusiasts who follow discount pay per head. Nevertheless, the striker hit his first goal from the awarded penalty and was successfully converted for a crucial 2-2 draw against Al Fateh.

“Happy to have scored my first goal in the Saudi league and great effort by the whole team to achieve an important draw in a tough match!” – Ronaldo on Twitter.