The Notorious MMA fighter doesn’t know what to do is to stay in retirement. Conor McGregor returns to the octagon on Saturday to fight against Dustin Poirier. Also, it will be a rematch of their 20145 fight.

McGregor needed less than two minutes to knock out Poirier in their first match. It has been a year since McGregor stepped inside the octagon. He described his time away from the UFC as a wild ride.

McGregor said he has been through it all. It was not easy, but he’s excited that he’s back. Also, he promised fans that he would paint a beautiful picture on Saturday. According to PayPerHead reports, Poirier is a different fighter from 2014.

Conor McGregor Returns

Conor McGregor Returns from Third RetirementBased on bookie PPH solution experts, Poirier is more prepared for the upcoming fight than the first one. He said he learned a lot from the KO defeat and listened to his critics. Also, he listened to McGregor.

UFC 257 will take place on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. There will be 2,000 spectators in the venue. However, Poirier said that it is better than fighting with no audience. His last fight was in Las Vegas, where there were no fans.

Poirier said he preferred fighting in silence. It might be one reason why he defeated Dan Hooker in the fight. He noted that it was more peaceful and calmer because no people were shouting at the fighters.

Also, Poirier said that it made the fight more intimate. Fighters are hearing their thoughts and the announcers. He described it as a great experience. According to MMA records, Poirier won 26 out of 33 fights. He was also the only man who fought against Khabib Nurmagomedov and McGregor. He lost both contests.

Most sportsbooks have McGregor as the favorite. During the fight, a knockout is more certain than the passing of the Georgia gambling legislation.