Brock Purdy has never lost a regular season game in the NFL. Also, he is the leader in pass efficiency. Thus, many bookie PPH experts named him a top-rated passer in the NFL. However, despite his achievements, he is still a baby in the eyes of some analysts.

Trent Williams said that one thing Purdy lacks is experience. The latter was a rookie last season. Also, you cannot teach or buy experience. It is one of the things that can help anyone in any system.

Williams knows that experience does not come instantly. The left tackle is in his fourteenth season in the NFL. Also, he experienced everything in his professional career. According to football news reports, he was in Washington during the rise and fall of Robert Griffin.

Top-Rated Passer in the NFL

Brock Purdy is the Top-Rated Passer in the NFLWilliams’ takeaway was an excellent message to the rest of the NFL after Purdy threw four touchdown passes to help beat the Dallas Cowboys 42-10 on Sunday night.

If something reminds you of a scene from a scary movie, that is OK. It is possible that Purdy was a monster concocted by Shanahan and GM John Lynch in a lab buried beneath 4949 Centennial Boulevard, given his meteoric success after being the final player selected in the 2022 NFL draft.

On Sunday, the 49ers (5-0) will go to Cleveland looking to win their 16th straight regular season game and add to Purdy’s collection of accolades. When Jimmy Garoppolo went down with a foot injury in December, and Purdy was thrown into the lineup, he won his first ten starts and had the highest passer rating in NFL history (121.1). Only Chad Pennington (70.8 percent) had a better completion percentage throughout those ten games than Purdy’s 70. Only one quarterback in history, Ben Roethlisberger, has started his career with more victories (15).

As for Purdy, George Kittle says he is the same player on Sunday as in practice on Wednesday. According to pay per head sportsbook experts, the reliability of a quarterback is directly proportional to his level of preparation and attention to detail.

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