One way to ensure you profit from the Super Bowl madness is to offer prop bets. There are many Super Bowl prop bets you can provide to your players. However, be sure to choose the ones that would attract the most action during the big event.

Super Bowl LV is just around the corner, and it is time to ensure your sportsbook is ready before Sunday. If you haven’t set up the prop bets for the Chiefs vs. Bucs match, you should do it right now.

Although Super Bowl parties are tame this year due to the pandemic, fans are more likely to wager on the game. Thus, we provide a guide on the different prop bets you can offer to your players.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Bookies Guide to Super Bowl Prop BetsTom Brady Rushing Yards – One of the prop bets that would likely get a lot of action is the number of yards Brady would get. According to a bookie software report, Over 0.5 has odds of +140. That means players will win if the best quarterback of all time would rush for at least a yard.

Opening Coin Flip – According to pay per head solutions experts, the opening coin flip is one of the most popular prop bets. That’s why you should offer it to your players. Tails have dominated the coin flip in recent years. It has been the result in six of the last seven NFL Super Bowls.

The Last Play of the Game is a QB Rush – Brady fans expect Brady to rush. Thus, you can profit from that knowledge by offering this prop bet. Most analysts expect the Super Bowl to be a close one this year. Therefore, it might not end up with a QB kneel.

These are some Super Bowl prop bets you can offer to your players. If you want to become a successful bookie, check out our bookie tutorials.