Bookie favorite Pitbull lost his featherweight title to AJ McKee at Bellator 263. The latter got a submission victory over Patricio Pitbull to snatch the title. Also, McKee earned $1 million for winning the Featherweight World Grand Prix.

The battle opened gradually, with the two contenders remaining at range and tossing kicks. The distance supported McKee’s longer reach, which ended up being key under two minutes into the opening round.

McKee tossed a head kick similarly as Pitbull dodged down, moving his head straightforwardly into the way of McKee’s leg. A couple of punches later, McKee knocked down Pitbull, and he started celebrating. However, the battle didn’t end. Thus, McKee hurried back in to secure a guillotine gag to drive the stoppage with the specialized accommodation coming at the 1:57 point of Round 1.

Bookie Favorite Pitbull Lost Title

Bookie Favorite Pitbull Lost in Bellator 263Pitbull and his corner appeared to be confounded before the finish of the battle. But, according to people who are thinking of becoming a bookie, Pitbull didn’t tap out. Also, it was McKee who pointed out to the referee that Pitbull was out to the standing guillotine. As a result, the referee stopped the fight. Nonetheless, the outcome held, and Pitbull imparted a second to McKee in the focal point of the enclosure with the men bowing to one another and trading a few honorable gestures.

McKee, who won the title before an old neighborhood swarm at The Forum in Inglewood, California, was Bellator’s top possibility in the wake of appearing in 2015 and running through 17 straight successes coming into the Grand Prix finals.

During the Grand Prix, McKee stepped up to score four stoppage wins. Also, it was the first championship of his professional career. On the other hand, Pitbull is the greatest Bellator fighter. He had the featherweight title twice. In addition, Pitbull is the reigning lightweight champion. Therefore, there are questions on whether he would ask for a rematch in the future.

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