Now that the Super Bowl is over, all eyes are on the next big sports event. And nothing is more exciting than the NBA All-Star Game. The NBA All-Star weekend, will be on the weekend of March 7. We will see two teams, the East and the West, play against each other to be the best All Star team this season. Let’s take a look at the latest news on schedule, and format. Also, we’ll check for other details that will help you in your sportsbook pay per head operation.

In the recent years, the All-Star games are divided into teams that is named after the captain. For instance, last year, it was Team Lebron versus Team Giannis. This year, we will be going back to the East versus West format. The changes in forming the teams could be affected by COVID-19 safety rules. So to divide the rosters for the All Stars will be quite the challenge.

NBA All-Star Format

NBA All-Star Game New FormatWe will be seeing announcements on the safety protocols that the league will be doing soon. So far, we do know that events such as the three-point shootout and skills competition will be done in the same night as the game. In fact, one of these events may be done during half-time. Your bookie pay per head features will have something to help you with setting lines. But you are free to adjust them as you get closer to the game. Since the game is still a few weeks from now, we can see more changes happening that could affect your lines.

Voting is still ongoing for the rosters, but it will still be conference based. Travel and safety arrangements will be made to ensure maximum safety of all players. There will also be contingencies should any of the voted players would not be able to participate in the All-Star game. If you want to earn more money from betting on the NBA, you may want to consider learning how do bookies make money. You’ll find that there will be more excitement and profit if you are the bookie, rather than the bettor. Especially with NBA games.