Lawmakers Look into Expanding PA Indoor Smoking Ban in Casinos

Pennsylvania banned smoking in most public places fifteen years ago. A lawmaker wants to expand the PA indoor smoking ban to include casinos and other establishments. Also, the lawmaker said that the ban will protect workers’ health. On Wednesday, Dan Frankel,...

Connecticut Tribal Casinos Continue to Ban Indoor Smoking

Connecticut tribal casinos opted out of indoor smoking during the pandemic. They feared that cigarette smoke could help in spreading the virus. However, a year after the pandemic, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun continue to ban smoking within their casino floors. In...

Iconic Casino Resort in the Strip to Undergo Renovation

Casino resorts in the Las Vegas Strip have become massive that when a gambling firm completes a renovation project, it is time to redo it again. MGM Resorts International announced it would spend $110 million to renovate its iconic casino resort on the Strip. The...

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Ways Casino Industry Uses Artificial Intelligence

Ways Casino Industry Uses Artificial Intelligence

As technology improves, machines have made their way into our daily lives. For instance, the casino industry uses artificial intelligence or AI to enhance security, fairness, and efficiency. According to the best sports betting software provider, there are many...

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