Sports betting has become popular in recent years. Thus, the industry has become more competitive. If you are running a sportsbook, you should consider offering exotic wagers. That way, you have something unique to offer to players.

Although serious players still prefer the common bets, such as point spread, money line, and totals, casual gamblers enjoy betting on prop bets and other exotic wagers. Prop betting offers a fast way to wager, which is ideal for people’s short attention span.

Offering Exotic Wagers

Why You Should Consider Offering Exotic Wagers in Your SportsbookWhat is an exotic wager? In simple terms, it is a particular type of bet that is outside of the usual types. Horse racing bookies first used the term when punters are betting on ponies. At present, prop bets are the most popular types of exotics in sports betting.

The best sportsbook software allows players to make exotic wagers through prop bet builders. That means players can create prop wagers on whatever they want, and their friends can bet on the custom props.

Exotics allow you to wager on anything during a major sports event. It doesn’t matter whether it is before, during, or even after the game. The biggest day for exotics is the Super Bowl. Even serious gamblers wager on prop bets during that day.

According to pay per head sportsbook providers, some exotic bets attract a lot of attention. Also, sports fans will keep talking about them weeks after the event ended. Some popular prop bets during the Super Bowl are coin toss, length of the half-time show, and who scored the first touchdown.

You can attract players with exotic bets. That’s why you should consider offering them, especially during significant sporting events. It is one of the things you can do to bring your sportsbook and online casino platform to the next level.

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