Despite the ongoing pandemic and other challenges, the Tokyo Olympics began. It is the first time that millions of Americans can wager on Olympic events from their smartphones. However, most of the action will come from amateur bettors. We’ll try to uncover why casual players will bet on the Olympics.

On the other hand, sharp bettors will try to ignore the Olympic Games. According to online bookie software reports, professional players don’t see any edge in betting on different Olympic events. Moreover, sharp bettors don’t like the unpredictable aspects of the events.

For instance, team sports such as baseball, soccer, and basketball are composed of players who don’t play with each other. Thus, it is difficult to wager based on historical performance or other data.

Casual Players Will Bet on the Olympics

Why Casual Players Will Bet on the OlympicsAt present, COVID-19 is spreading around the Olympic Village. But, according to experts of pay per head services, there’s a possibility a competitor or a whole team will get excluded.

Toshiro Muto, the top of the Tokyo Olympics arranging council, said that he had not precluded the chance of the Games being dropped because of a flood in COVID-19 infections. Thus, sharp bettors try to stay away from the Games.

Some serious bettors placed future wagers on the US men’s basketball team, US women’s soccer team, and the US men’s soccer team to win the gold medals. However, they are not excited about the Olympic games.

According to a report, one out of ten adult Americans will wager at least once during the Tokyo Games. That is close to the number of players who bet on the Super Bowl. The latter is one of the US’s most significant sports wagering events. Yet, bookies and players have different opinions. Some people don’t want to bet on the Games. Also, they expect the handle to be lower than the Super Bowl. Some people might want to learn how to become a bookie in time for the Super Bowl, but not during the Olympics.

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