The Masters Tournament is the most famous golf event scheduled for the first week of April each year. Also, it is the first of four majors on the PGA Tour. Here are some PGA Masters Tournament trends that every bookie should know.

In 2020, the PGA postponed the tournament until November due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, we are seeing another Masters in less than six months. Also, it is the first time that two Masters are held with no other PGA Major Tournaments in between.

The last Masters gave us some information that bookies can work with. Also, it provided some patterns that can help you prepare for the event. Knowing the trends can determine whether the lines are good or if they need some adjusting.

PGA Masters Tournament Trends

What Bookies Need to Know about PGA Masters Tournament TrendsAccording to sources, most winners of the Masters finished in the top five earlier in the year. Thus, it can help you in checking the odds of winning the tournament. The only exception is Charl Schwartzel, who won the Masters in 2011 without finishing in the top five earlier that year.

Bookies should not consider second placers from the previous Masters. If you look at winners from 2009 to 2019, only two Green Jacket owners finished second place in the last year. They were Jordan Spieth in 2015 and Dustin Johnson in 2020.

Also, players in the Top Ten are not sure winners. That’s one of the advantages of becoming a bookie. Some bettors check the top ten golfers if they are unfamiliar with the sport. As a bookie, make sure the lines are attractive to casual bettors.

Lastly, winning the tournament twice is rare. In the last eleven Masters, only three golfers won at least two Masters in their career. They are Tiger Woods with five, Phil Mickelson with three, and Bubba Watson with two.

These are our bookie tips for the PGA Masters. Make sure you read our other How to Become a Bookie guides. That way, you can turn your sportsbook into a successful one over time.

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