Five states have gambling initiatives on November ballot. They are South Dakota, Colorado, Maryland, Louisiana, and Nebraska. Maryland, Louisiana, and South Dakota are voting on legalizing sports betting.

On the other hand, Colorado is asking voters to decide whether to increase the maximum wager in the state. Nebraska wants to legalize casinos within its borders. Also, the state has three gambling initiatives on November ballot related to the topic. If all three initiatives pass, it will allow casinos to operate in the state.

South Dakota sports betting bill will be on the ballot. It asks to amend the state constitution to allow in-person wagering on sports at casinos. At present, Deadwood casinos offer craps, blackjack, keno, roulette, slot machines, and poker. However, a yes vote would expand the casinos’ offerings to include sports wagering.

Gambling Initiatives on November Ballot

States with Gambling Initiatives on November BallotMaryland’s and Louisiana’s legislation is vague because the coronavirus pandemic shortened their legislative sessions. Thus, the two states have initiatives on the ballot but don’t have any regulatory framework. According to bookie pay per head reports, lawmakers will spend next year working on the regulations if voters favor the initiatives.

According to Discount Pay Per Head sources, Louisiana’s initiative is different from that of Maryland. In Louisiana, parishes will vote where sports betting will be legal. It is possible that some parishes will not have legal sports betting while their neighbors enjoy wagering on sports.

If Maryland, Louisiana, and South Dakota legalize sports betting, half of the United States will have legal sports wagering. It would be harder to become a bookie in the US once the market is saturated.

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