Sports clubs and gambling operators protested the new Denmark gambling marketing rules. Thus, the government is looking into the limits of the rules. The country’s Consumer Ombudsman clarified that the new Marketing Act bans marketing of consumer loan companies. Also, it forbids consumer credit deals involving the marketing of game providers and games.

The new Marketing Act took effect last July 1. The Ombudsman said that a sports league with a sponsorship deal with a gaming operator contacted them. It referred to the NordicBet Liga, which is the second-tier league in the country. It had to drop its partnership with NordicBet to comply with the new rules.

Since the gaming firm is a name sponsor, its brand will appear on club jerseys, in-stadium boards, TV broadcasts, and websites. The league wanted to confirm if the title sponsorship would harm the other sponsorship deals that clubs might sign with consumer loan firms.

Denmark Gambling Marketing Rules

Sports Clubs Protest Denmark Gambling Marketing RulesBased on the best pay per head bookie sources, the goal of the Marketing Act was to make sure that consumers are not exposed to loans and gaming promos at the same time. That way, gamblers are not compelled to take out loans while trying to recoup losses from gambling.

However, the Act has vague wording. According to sportsbook pay per head service providers, the phrase “in connection with” leaves room for individual interpretation. The Ombudsman said that there’s little room if the league has the name of a gaming firm while ads for consumer loan products are showing through other marketing methods.

Also, the Ombudsman said that it would violate the new Marketing Act to market consumer loan firms’ name or logo if the jersey already has the name of the league printed on it. The statement from the Ombudsman came after the Alliance Against Gambling Addiction complained about Mr. Green’s online casino logo on the shirt of Superliga team AaB Fodbold.

The gambling firm’s logo is on the back of the jerseys. Also, the jersey had the logo of Spar Nord in the front, which is a financial institution.

If you want to create a sportsbook, remember to avoid sponsoring teams with existing deals with Danish loan companies. That way, you avoid violating Denmark gambling marketing rules.