Qatar World Cup fans are trickling into the country as they look forward to soccer’s most significant event this year. The government constructed a tent city in the desert to accommodate the fans from overseas.

Sports analysts expect the competition for accommodations to heat up as Qatar prepares to welcome an estimated 1.5 million fans during the month-long event. The World Cup starts on November 20.

The Free Zone fan community is 20 minutes by metro from downtown Doha. However, it feels like you’ve stepped into a dystopian world.

Qatar World Cup Fans in the Free Zone Fan Village

Qatar World Cup Fans Acclimate to Portacabins and TentsThere isn’t much else surrounding the hamlet. You can find one or two construction sites and an extensive road. Thus, personnel promptly take you to reception. Also, it is a 10-minute walk across a vast parking lot.

There are infinite lines of portacabins reaching into the distance. They have different colors and alphabetically ordered. Also, you can find big gazebos housing hundreds of empty tables and chairs.

Organizers placed basketball courts, outdoor gyms, and a massive television screen throughout the property. Fans can use them if they want to play and relax.

Only a few people wandered around when pay per head bookie providers arrived on Friday. However, they expect more fans to arrive during the event.

Fan Village Experience

According to PPH bookie sources, fans admit to getting lost in the endless homemade roads that link the town. Thus, navigating towards the village is difficult. However, electric scooters are available for transportation. In addition, staff will even take you to your door in a golf buggy.

Eight fan villages provide casual camping and cabin-style choices for fans on a budget. According to pay per head reports, they cater to fans who can’t afford what hotels offer.

Some World Cup attendees, on the other hand, were underwhelmed by the offerings.