PokerGo partnered with SuperDraft that would allow the latter to deliver daily fantasy sports content to professional poker matches. The collaboration will enable players to access fantasy sports leagues and PokerGo content on the SuperDraft app.

The partnership will launch during the US Poker Open on June 3. SuperDraft offers a free entry contest that would have a prize pool of $10,000. According to pay per head solution reports, it is open for PokerGo subscribers.

Aside from the US Poker Open, subscribers can also enter content for future tournaments, including the Super High Roller Bowl, Poker Masters, and World Series of Poker, to name a few. Also, PokerGo will provide the stats. On the other hand, SuperDraft developed a poker scoring system based on chip stacks and player performance.

PokerGo Partnered with SuperDraft

PokerGo Partnered with SuperDraft to Unite Poker and DFSAccording to bookie pay per head sources, PokerGo’s partnership with SuperDraft opened an untapped fantasy sports market. Poker hasn’t been involved in fantasy sports before. Thus, SuperDraft is the perfect partner for PokerGo.

In January, Caesars Entertainment invested in the SuperDraft platform. The gambling giant said that the move complemented their mobile sports and gaming network. Also, the firm doesn’t need to start a gambling website because they can use SuperDraft instead.

Caesars’ investment increased its customer acquisition strategy and retention for physical and online gambling operations. The company took a minority equity position in SuperDraft. Then, it increased its stake to full ownership at pre-determined levels.

SuperDraft developed the fantasy poker product based on its sports gambling foundation. Also, it brings an innovative gaming product to the market. Thus, it ventures into a market beyond daily fantasy sports.

SuperDraft has been thinking of adding a fantasy poker product. Its partnership with PokerGo allowed it to turn the dream into a reality. As the professional poker scene continues to become more popular, the partnership will help SuperDraft become competitive in the poker industry.

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