Many people are looking forward to the launch of the Ohio sports betting market, including pay per head operators. According to the Ohio Casino Control Commission, they expect around 3,000 sports wagering license applications.

Two state senators told PPH sportsbook news sources this week that Ohio could send off in October. They want to launch it in time for NFL football and MLB World Series. However, Executive Director Matt Schuler told the commission Wednesday morning that the launch date could move to a later date. According to Schuler, they have more work to be done before the launch.

Ohio presently can’t seem to finish applications for the nine various types of licenses it will offer. Yet, it has laid out three licensing windows during which applications can be submitted.

Pay Per Head Operators Excited about Ohio Sports Betting

Pay Per Head Operators Excited about Ohio Sports Betting MarketAccording to bookie pay per head software reports, Ohio will start accepting license applications on June 15 and last for 30 days. The applications are for online sportsbooks, retail sportsbooks, sports kiosk operators in restaurants and bars, mobile management service suppliers, and other vendors for equipment used for sports wagering.

The commission will open a second application window on July 15. It will be for online sports betting providers and sports gaming hosts. The latter are bars and restaurants that want to have up to two sports wagering kiosks.

There will be a third licensing window that will begin 60 days before the Ohio sports betting market launch. According to sportsbook pay per head sources, it will be for sportsbook workers.

Notwithstanding employee licensing, sportsbooks should submit capable gaming plans, house rules, and hardware tests to Ohio controllers 60 days before the launch. Furthermore, they must have hardware prepared for Commission confirmation 30 days before the scheduled launch date.