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We offer advanced sports betting software that uses the most modern advancements in encryption technology.

The best thing about our PPH services is that you get it at a discounted price.

The Discount Pay Per Head sports betting platform has all the tools and features you need to maintain a bookie business. It is an all-inclusive PPH solution for managing betting activities.

Also, it allows bookies to have full control of their operations. We provide risk management and decision-making tools to ensure the growth of the sportsbook. Some features include real-time monitoring, handicaps, odds, and more.

Pay Per Head Service

We offer our discounted sportsbook solution to both new and existing sportsbooks. We helped bookies with their sportsbook operations for years. At present, we have thousands of customers enjoying PPH services at a discounted price.

Using our PPH solutions will make your bookie business at par with the biggest names in the sports betting industry. Also, we help streamline your sports betting platform through our modern sportsbook software.

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Why Choose Discount Pay Per Head

DiscountPayPerHead.com offers advanced sportsbook pay per head software that features top-of-the-line encryption technology. We prioritize the safety and security of our clients’ online bookie business. 

Our sports betting platform features all the tools and services required to run an online sportsbook. Also, we take care of the backend operations of the business, including the maintenance, risk management, and customer service.

Our bookie software provides real-time monitoring of betting trends and players’ activities. Our pledge is to deliver quality services at discounted price.  

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For a discounted price of $5 per active player a week, you’ll get a full-feature sportsbook. We are transparent with our fees and promise there are no additional fees.

Features of our Pay Per Head Solution include:

  • Sports Betting
  • Player Prop Bet Builder
  • Online Casino
  • Racebook
  • Live Casino
  • Live In-Game Betting
  • Telephone and Online Wagering

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Importance of a Blog to a Bookie Business

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