According to the UK Gambling Commission, online gambling surged during the last twelve months. Players spent almost six billion in online gambling last year, which was an increase of 12 percent.

The report showed that around three million new accounts were created, which increased six percent year over year. However, the most significant number was the gross gambling yield. It increased by 30 percent as operators reported strong returns in real event wagering.

Slots GGY followed with a 13 percent increase to almost £200 million. According to a white label sportsbook provider, online slot sessions lasting more than an hour increase by 112 percent to 2.5 million from November to December. Thus, demand for online slots increased as players spent more time playing.

Online Gambling Surged

Online Gambling Surged during PandemicThe UK Gambling Commission identified several reasons for the increased online gambling activities. Some people stayed felt vulnerable due to the coronavirus restrictions. Also, they wanted to forget real-life problems that include uncertainties about their employment, financial status, and personal health.

As gambling operators prepare their March Madness sports betting software, the Gambling Commission reminded them of their responsibilities. The UKGC told operators to monitor players closely. That way, they can spot problem gamblers right away.

The regulator reminded operators not to exploit the current situation for marketing campaigns. Also, they should take care of their new customers. Operators should also make certain decisions regarding affordability checks that reflect the current situation.

As more entrepreneurs employ Discount Bookie Pay Per Head Service, there are calls for stricter measures to curb problem gambling. For most people, online gambling is a hobby. However, some people can develop an addiction that can impact their mental and financial health.

There are calls for banks to take an active role in preventing problem gambling. Monzo wants a requirement that will allow bank customers access to a gambling block on their account. However, it would require all UK banks to offer the service.

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