There’s still a lot of games left in the NFL season. Most online sportsbooks already have clear strategies on how to promote their football betting actions. They include live betting NFL strategies.

In case you’re having trouble attracting players to place live in-game wagers, we have a guide to help you develop an in-game betting strategy. When you follow our tips, you’ll get more action and profit.

Creating Live Betting NFL Strategies

Live Betting NFL Strategies for BookiesOur guide will work for bookies that offer betting services to casual bettors. Often, most professional players don’t make live bets.

Sign Up with a Bookie Pay Per Head Solution – The first step is to sign up with a bookie pay per head solution that can generate automated reports. The real-time betting reports can help you come up with an in-game betting strategy. Aside from the reports, you can also adjust lines through the online bookie software.

Check NFL TV Schedules – The next step is to check the TV listing for live games. It would be best if you considered promoting live wagering for regional matches, especially those involving teams near your target market. According to our pay per head experts, you can offer live betting during Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and Sunday Night Football games.

Promote Games – Once you’ve checked the schedules, the last step is to promote the games to your players. We recommend the Monday, Thursday, and Sunday games because they attract the most viewers. Keep in mind that most casual players bet on games they can watch. They are more likely to make in-game wagers during televised games. Thus, it would help if you considered offering in-game wagering for games with high viewer count.

These are the things you should consider to promote in-game wagering in your online bookie business. Follow our short guide to get more profit for your online sportsbook.