Lithuania regulator warns poker schools after the court dismissed a cased filed by one. Organizers of a poker school filed a lawsuit against their former customer. They claimed that the defendant signed a contract that would make him play online poker at an increasing skill level.

However, the court dismissed the case because they found out that the school required the defendant to play on illegal websites. The poker school funds the activity of its student. Then the student shares 60 percent of his winnings with the school while keeping 40 percent.

Lithuania doesn’t regulate online poker. Also, the student plays on unlicensed websites. The poker school wanted to end the contract after the student lost €28,000. The school filed the lawsuit in the hopes of getting a refund of around €15,000.

Lithuania Regulator Warns Poker Schools

Lithuania Regulator Warns Poker Schools after Legal DisputeThe Vilnius District Court dismissed the case because the contract involved illegal activity. According to Pay Per Head sources, the court said that the plaintiffs were aware that their training included unlawful gambling.

As a result, the school violated the Law on Gambling of Lithuania. Also, they are guilty of violating the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing of the country, according to sportsbook pay per head providers.

The court concluded that the poker school organizers are not entitled to compensation for losses from illegal gambling. According to pay per head services reports, the regulator suggested players practice their poker skills while playing for fun. They should avoid playing online or for real money.

The plaintiffs can still appeal the decision to the Vilnius Regional Court. However, their chances of getting back their money are low because their operations involved illegal gambling. They should have taught the basics of poker by playing with their student instead of making the person play for them online.


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