In-person sports betting at casinos in Massachusetts will launch in late January. However, mobile sports wagering will come in March. Thus, players in the state can wager on the Super Bowl and March Madness. State gaming regulators released the timeline Friday.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission approved the timeline with a vote of 4-0. However, some regulators were concerned about the gambling industry’s aggressive approach. According to bookie pay per head experts, it is the first time regulators have a definite timeline for the sports betting launch. Additionally, stakeholders were excited about it.

In the past, commissioners had a launch date in mind. However, it is the first time regulators have approved the schedule. According to sportsbook software reports, commissioners agreed to the timeline that considered potential delays. That’s why they set the launch dates in January and March.

In-Person Sports Betting during Super Bowl

In-Person Sports Betting to Launch in Massachusetts Ahead of Super BowlGetting a consensus on a timetable wasn’t easy. During two days of discussions, Commissioners Eileen O’Brien and Nakisha Skinner frequently voiced their worries. They claimed that the January and March 2023 launch dates would place an undue load on the commission’s resources. Also, they didn’t consider the fact blockchain technology disturbing online gambling.

Skinner didn’t vote in Friday’s final tally. She claimed that “a couple of commissioners” had created a schedule to work around major sporting events like the Super Bowl and the NCAA tournament.

Commission Chair Cathy Judd-Stein insisted on a vote on a timeline last Friday. However, she said nothing has been “directed” and the timetable is just a starting point for further debate. The team announced a January retail launch and February internet debut on Thursday.

Some gambling commissioners proposed January 29 as the day to begin offering retail betting. They gave the final vote on Friday. In addition, it was allowed to start in-person betting by the end of January and internet betting by the beginning of March.

On January 18, the day the NFL playoffs begin, Commissioner Brad Hill stated his desire to open retail betting. In addition, NFL commissioner Jordan Maynard expressed his want to monitor wagering on the NFC and AFC championship games.