The Vegas Golden Knights won against the San Jose Sharks 4-1 last Thursday. Logan Thompson made 22 saves in the Golden Knights vs Sharks match. In addition, Brayden Pachal, Michael Amadio, Nicolas Roy, and Nicolas Hague scored a goal each.

A game-winning goal by Hague. Though his team’s victory was impressive, Pachal’s first NHL goal garnered most of the headlines.

Beyond Alex Pietrangelo and Shea Theodore, the Golden Knights’ defense does not contribute much to the team’s goal total.

Golden Knights vs Sharks

Golden Knights vs Sharks Recap – NHL TakeawaysThe Golden Knights’ offense could benefit from greater output there. The Golden Knights will be a formidable opponent if Hague and its other defensemen can provide more goals.

This brings up offense-related point number two. The ratios are reasonable. Not many well-known Golden Knights contributed to the team’s 4-2 win over the Sharks.

Last year, the Amadio, Roy, Hague, and Pachal quartet scored 33 goals. These are the kinds of players who set a team apart as a legitimate title contender. According to sportsbook pay per head experts, Mark Stone and Jonathan Marchessault can afford to have bad nights because of the exemplary contributions of the third and fourth lines and the defenseman.

After losing to Calgary on March 23, Thompson finally won a game again. He impressed while handling the net and likely get significant time at first base this year.

Before last season, Thompson was a member of the All-Star team. According to sportsbook PPH sources, the Golden Knights hope that he and Adin Hill can play together in goal all season long while still maintaining their respective fitness. The most games any goaltender has played in a season is 40. Hill and Thompson must step up if the Golden Knights hope to win it all again.

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