Ways Casino Industry Uses Artificial Intelligence

As technology improves, machines have made their way into our daily lives. For instance, the casino industry uses artificial intelligence or AI to enhance security, fairness, and efficiency. According to the best sports betting software provider, there are many...

New Jersey Gambling Industry Enjoys March Madness Profits

The New Jersey gambling industry had reasons to celebrate in March. It got the largest sports betting retail handle since 2019. However, it failed to reach the first $1 billion betting handle milestone. Also, online casino gambling continued to break records last...

Suncity Philippine Subsidiary Offloads Non-Gambling Assets

The Suncity Philippine subsidiary, SunTrust Home Developers, offloaded several non-gambling assets to its local partner. According to a stock exchange filing, Asian E-Commerce will acquire SunTrust’s 24.27 percent stake in the FOPM Group. Also, Megaworld Corporation...

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Benefits of Quantum Computing in Online Gambling

Benefits of Quantum Computing in Online Gambling

Experts said that quantum computing is the next big technological breakthrough that will free humanity from the limits of silicone-based processing. Also, it will unlock unlimited computing power in the future. Online gambling can also enjoy the benefits of quantum...

A Look at Gambling in Essex

A Look at Gambling in Essex

The UK has a booming gambling industry. At present, the legal gambling sector has a value of £16 billion. Also, its gambling market is the strongest one on the planet. It has casinos, horse tracks, and dog tracks. One of the robust regions in the country is Essex....

Lockdown Impact on Online Gambling Worldwide

Lockdown Impact on Online Gambling Worldwide

2020 is a year of changes. Most of the changes altered everyday lives, as seen in what people search online. Also, the coronavirus lockdown has an impact on online gambling worldwide. As most people stay inside their homes, they do all the stuff they love using the...