In the past, gambling in Zimbabwe was limited to the state lottery, pink lotto, and horse betting. However, things have changed, and a gambling craze hits Zimbabwe. At present, the gambling industry is booming in the country.

You’ll find casinos, sports betting kiosks, and lottery gaming in major urban centers in Zimbabwe. Also, players increased their appetite for gambling in recent years. In the past, the Mashonaland Turf Club used to have a monopoly on horse racing betting facilities. New gambling firms entered the market in the last three years. Thus, the industry experienced a significant transformation.

New gambling companies in the market indicate the growth of the industry. They offer diverse gambling options that are unrelated to thoroughbred racing. In recent years, sports betting became more popular among local bettors. Also, other betting facilities introduced scratch cards, limited pay-out machines, and lotteries outside traditional casino settings.

Gambling Craze Hits Zimbabwe and Nearby Countries

Gambling Craze Hits ZimbabweBased on pay per head bookie sources, gambling in Zimbabwe increased in the past three years. Sports betting appealed to young people, who brought new money to the sector. At present, major towns in the country have gambling facilities.

Gambling became more popular before the introduction of the multiple currency system in the country in 2009. Since then, the industry because an additional source of income for many Zimbabweans, according to gambling software solution experts.

Labor economist Godfrey Kanyenze told the Discount Pay Per Head that gambling grew in recent years due to the people’s economic desperation. They are trying to win money to supplement their incomes.

He added that the country’s non-performing economy led people to depend on gambling for quick cash. The gambling craze won’t happen if the economy is good.

Gambling is becoming more popular in Africa. Most of the more than a billion people living in the region are poor. At present, legal casinos operate in various African nations, including Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria, and Zaire, to name a few.


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