Sports betting makes watching games more exciting. Also, your love for sports is one of the reasons you started a sportsbook. You can have fun while making money. If you want to earn more, make sure you optimize the use of the PPH features.

The PPH sportsbook solution has several features that would allow you to earn more revenue. If you use the software from Discount Pay Per Head, then you’ll have access to player prop builder. It is one of the features you can earn extra cash from the sportsbook.

Player Prop Builder and other PPH Features

Earn Extra Cash Via Player Prop Builder and Other PPH FeaturesThe player prop builder feature allows players to create prop bets. Also, they can share the prop bet with their friends and they would place wagers on it. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to do anything. The PPH bookie platform will do all the backend operations for you.

Allowing players to personalize their betting experience will make them more loyal to the sportsbook. Also, prop bets will increase the sports betting platform’s betting options. As a result, players have more choices in every game. In the end, you’ll be in the position to earn more money.

Another PPH feature that can potentially bring more action is live betting. Using a bookie pay per head solution allows you to offer live betting. Also, the software provides updated odds in real-time. Live betting brings more action and money in the long run.

The best thing about using a PPH solution is that you get real-time updates. Also, you get all the technology and fast servers for a small fee for each player. At a discounted price of $5 per head, you get all the features to become a successful bookie in no time.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service