A bookie slashed odds on white Christmas this year in Scotland. Several bookies are offering odds on snowfall at eleven airports in the UK. However, it recently reduced Edinburgh from 4-1 to 10-3. As a result, it is betting on a 23 percent chance of winter flurries hitting Scotland’s capital on Christmas day.

The change in odds also implies that Edinburgh has now overwhelmed Birmingham as the top choice to see snowfall on December 25.

Newcastle and Birmingham also have a 20 percent snowfall this year, as per online bookie software reports.

Bookie Slashed Odds on White Christmas

Bookie Slashed Odds on White Christmas in Scotland this YearForecasters as of late anticipated that snow could hit Scotland one week from now. It is due to the remainders of Tropical Storm Wanda passing over the UK.

Weather specialists recently said heavy snow showers could strike western and northern parts from Saturday, November 20.

Analysts expect temperatures to plunge below freezing. Also, they estimated temperatures to drop to as low as – 6C in the Highlands.

The last White Christmas in the UK came in 2010. It was when snow is accounted for on the ground at 83 percent of climate stations in the UK.

According to pay per head bookie sources, forecasters can proclaim a white Christmas if a single snowflake falls within December 25 anywhere in the UK.

Met Office specialists can precisely estimate the probability of snow falling on Christmas Day five days in advance.

According to the best sports betting software, forecasters as of late changed the meaning of a white Christmas because of more individuals wagering on the chance. In the past, they used a single location to define a white Christmas in the UK. Instead, they use various locations, including Buckingham Palace, Belfast, Aberdeen, and the Millennium Stadium.

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