It looks like the UK will have a new prime minister soon. Boris Johnson is facing criticisms after holding a Christmas party during a lockdown. As a result, people are looking at bookie favorites and odds on the next Tory leader.

The Christmas party scandal is one of the prime minister’s scandals in recent months. It included voting to overhaul parliament standards and some MPs involved in a sleaze scandal. Thus, there are calls for Johnson to resign. If he resigns, people are already wondering who will replace him.

Aside from sports to offer in your sportsbook, you can also offer prop bets on current events. Again, the sports betting software can help you set up the odds. First, however, you need to read the news to learn what’s happening in the world.

Bookie Favorites and Odds on Next Prime Minister

Bookie Favorites and Odds on Next Tory LeaderMany sportsbooks have chancellor Rishi Sunak as the favorite to become the next UK prime minister with odds of 9/4. The next on the list is Keir Starmer on 4/1. Also, Liz Truss is on the list with 5/1 odds.

Many people think that Rishi Sunak is the next potential prime minister. That is because many people liked his budget. Also, it is common in the UK that chancellors become prime ministers. However, there are some people how don’t like the budget. They pointed out that the budget would cut taxes for beer and sparkling wines and cut in universal credit.

Also, Sunak is one of the famous politicians today. After health secretary Sajid Javid fell out with the prime minister’s team, Sunak became the favorite. In addition, Sunak is the best bet over other current cabinet members. But, on the other hand, Sunak is known for his extravagant lifestyle.

As you can see, you can keep your bookie business fresh with prop bets. Make sure you know what’s going on in current events to get the odds right.

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