A recent survey showed Australians gambling less during the recent coronavirus lockdown. Around 75 percent of respondents gambled less often due to fewer wagering options. However, many gamblers are planning to resume their gambling habits after the lockdown.

The recent poll had an opposite result compared to other studies that showed an increase in gambling activities during the lockdown. Even the researchers were surprised by the results of their survey.

Land-based gaming venues, including clubs, casinos, and pubs, were out of operation from March 26. However, most of the gaming venues have since reopened, except for those in the state of Victoria.

Australians Gambling Less During Lockdown

Australians Gambling Less During Coronavirus LockdownBased on bookie pay per head reports, the lockdown had a positive impact among gamblers. However, people who increased their gambling during the period are at higher risk of suffering from gambling harm. Also, the Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic wants to focus on the ongoing impacts of gambling. They want to prioritize the general population and those belonging to vulnerable groups.

According to pay per head sources, 75 percent of the respondents gambled less often. Also, the average monthly gambling expenses reduced by more than half. Among those with gambling problems, 60 percent reduced the frequency of their gambling activities. However, 25 percent increased their gambling expenses.

Results showed most respondents with gambling problems decreased their gambling frequency during the coronavirus shutdown. However, some gamblers suffered from psychological distress and financial difficulties. They confessed that their issues were due to increased gambling expenses and not the increase in frequency.

Although sportsbook marketing was down during the lockdown, younger people are more likely to increase their gambling expenses. Also, the most significant increases are between the ages of 18 and 29 years old. However, the average monthly gambling expenditure decreased to AU$200 from AU$450.

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