The UK has a booming gambling industry. At present, the legal gambling sector has a value of £16 billion. Also, its gambling market is the strongest one on the planet. It has casinos, horse tracks, and dog tracks. One of the robust regions in the country is Essex. Today, we look at gambling in Essex.

People have a stereotypical look at people from Essex. An Essex girl is someone with a fake tan, heavy makeup, and of a lower class. However, it is far from reality. Most people from the county love welcoming guests. Also, it is a grand county to live, work, and study.

The nightlife scene is great for tourists and locals alike. There are plenty of things to do in Essex, including gambling. Although it might not be as lively as the Las Vegas Strip, it is home to some of the UK’s best casinos.

Gambling in Essex

A Look at Gambling in EssexThe leading casinos in Essex are in the Southend-On-Sea. The area is a popular destination for gambling. Londoners and tourists can go to Essex via train. According to pay per head reports, the casinos are near the seafront.

Although people say the house always wins, that is not the case in Essex. According to sportsbook software sources, some people hit the jackpot. For instance, someone from Essex won almost £200,000 from a blackjack competition. Also, most casinos offer competitions and other deals for their guests. Be sure to check what casinos have to offer at any given time.

The coronavirus pandemic affected all industries, including the casino sector. Land-based casinos had to shut down earlier this year to prevent the virus’s spread in the UK. Although they reopened in mid-August, the government imposed a curfew. Their doors must be closed by 10 PM.

To become a successful bookie in the UK, you need to offer online betting. It is the best way to accept wagers during the pandemic.

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