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Discount Pay Per Head Sportsbook


DISCOUNT PAY PER HEAD offers top quality service at a discount rate. Discount PPH was created to provide bookmakers with the most reliable service at a very competitive price so you can continue to run your business without paying a bunch of fees

Our top notch internet service backed up by US and Local providers will allow you and your players to do everything online without ever having to worry about the service being down. We are open 24 hours a day for you and your clients to access what you need at anytime. Our easy to use software allows you to follow your players' action live and enables you to run all kinds of reports to manage your package. Whether you're new to offshore betting or a long time agent, Discount PPH is the place to put your players. Our management staff has over 15 years of experience and we are as quick as they come when it comes to moving lines.

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Local Bookies and Online Bookmakers will have a huge advantage by using our personalized software that gives you all the tools you need to manage your accounts. If you have clients that prefer to play by phone, your clients will receive the best customer service and phone quality in the industry. We are open 24/7 so you will never have trouble getting through to one of our trained English speaking representatives.

Our price per head shop offers you the largest variety of odds on Sports, Horses and Casino Games. If you are new to the offshore business, we can walk you through the process and help you take advantage of using our modern software that is used with full confidentiality and security.

WANT YOUR OWN WEBSITE? With our staff of web designers and graphic artists, we can provide you with Web Hosting services to help create the website that you want and have it integrated with our software.

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  • Quick and Efficient Staff
    Set up within an hour of signing
  • Private
    You have private access to manage your clients' accounts
  • 100% Safe & Secure
    Over 15 years experience in the bookmaking business
  • Competitive Prices
    Nobody can match our quality at our price

Get started today! ... find out why everyone in the sports betting bussines is using Discount Price Per Head as their bookie provider.

As low as $10 per week

Discount Pay per Head is an agent call center solution with data processing services.

Your players will have all the benefits of a professional sportsbook.


Price Per Head Tips

Don’t Kidding With Sports Betting

There is lots of fun and facility associated with the modern sports gambling system which make your life funny. It is unbelievable for you that everything comes in the field with very ease way. The sports gambling make you happier person...

Silent Features of Price per Head System

If you are interested in sports betting practices then you should have to get the advantage of price per head betting system. PPH betting system is specially design for operating sports betting practices. People who have deep interest for operating sports betting for those this system is proved the most beneficial and efficient system.

Constantly Growing Sports Betting Services

Sports are one of the most enjoyable things for people in the ancient period of time. Because of the less technological advancement, people are not depending on it. Betting practices are also regulating from that time but the level of betting is comparatively low and small.

Fling Your Hesitation with PPH

Take your own time to judge price per head but one thing you always remember that you are not successful if you search wrong features in the system. You are not only one who test the system of PPH service. The all are impressed from the service of it. The sports gambling or sports betting is both the part of price per head.

Money Management in Sports Betting

Probably the most important aspect bet you can decide when it comes to sports Betting Online is money management. In my opinion, it's just behind the handicap games. Sports betting money management is one of the keys to profitable and long-term success.

PPH Service- First Choice of Customers

This particular game is famous because of price per head. They take interest in the game and it gives new methods. It is hard to believe; they almost change the background of the game. Play the game first then you compare the power of PPH service. They provide most powerful and fast track moving game.

Sports Gambling for Making Profit

Now sports gambling are becoming pleasurable game that is performed by large number of gamblers who want to make money from it and experience the amazing enjoyment of it. Gambling activities are always attracting the gamblers to perform in the same and get lots of advantages from it.

Sports Gambling and Its Types

The natural relation and reactions of areas maintaining function by which they should be more convicted for addressing duration and manageable system that will concluded for delivering with their hanging and reduced condition and connection for...